• Delivering Unique Virtual Desktops
    Delivering Unique
    Virtual Desktops

VDI (Virtual desktop infrastructure)

Desktop Virtualisation Technologies are helping organisations transform the way that their users work. With the declining PC market and the rising market for tablets and other handheld devices companies are looking into virtual desktop infrastructure.

The benefits of these solutions can be huge but there can be many factors that can affect the success of a desktop transformation project. Future Generation Solutions will assist you in understanding if desktop virtualisation is right for you. As we understand the key components of a successful implementation, we can help you understand the benefits VDI can bring to your organisation and review your end user computing strategy.

We know that no two organisations are the same, which is why we work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives from the outset. Only then will we propose the technologies that will help you achieve these goals. We will help you develop the roadmap and migration strategy needed to ensure a seamless adoption of a virtual desktop infrastructure project and that the proposed technologies  fit the requirements for user productivity, mobility and IT control.

Depending on the nature of your organisations IT Infrastructure and on the VDI solution you choose to implement, it can take advantage of a great n umber of benefits. VDI solutions have unique features that will appeal to specific organisational needs but most VDI solutions will, at least, provide the following benefits:

  • Secure, mobile access to applications. Many organisations allow employees to work remotely or off hours from their own devices, but provisioning those devices can be difficult and costly - and allowing employees to do it themselves can open up the company to security risks. However, virtualised desktops allow employees to access even high-performance applications by enabling hardware-based GPU sharing through a secure connection from any device, on even high-latency, low-bandwidth networks such as hotel room WiFi.
  • Ease of maintenance. Virtualised desktops also allow for easier desktop maintenance. At the end of the day, when the employee logs off from her computer, the desktop can be reset, removing any downloaded software or customisations that they may have added to their computer. This not only prevents software and customisations from slowing down the machine but also provides an easy way to troubleshoot: if the system freezes, the employee can simply reboot and have the desktop restored.
  • Desktop security. A common problem that most organisations face is employees downloading software or other potentially risky items. Desktop virtualisation allows the administrator to set permissions, preventing these documents carrying Trojan horses from residing on the system. This provides, quite simply, peace of mind, as well as easing maintenance costs.
  • Reduced costs. All of these benefits end up at the same place: reduced costs for the business. Because the software licensing requirements are smaller, there are cost savings on applications alone.

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